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Parenting has never been more difficult. Our children are stressed, they behave in ways that are dangerous to them andsometimes to you, they are exposed to drugsand alcohol and violence much earlier than a generation ago, their schools are cutting back on everything due to funding cuts and money is harder and harder to come by. You are working more, maybe at two jobs, and you feel like your child is out of control. Where can you go for guidance and encouragement?

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It is important to nourish your relationships with your children. What does this mean? Praise them, engage with them in activities, and recognize their strengths and accomplishments. Of course, there will be times when you have to set limits or express disapproval. If these negative messages outweigh the positive messages, however, your relationship can be poisoned. The more your relationship…
In today’s fast-paced society, families often find themselves grabbing a quick and convenient meal on the run. Gulped down between soccer practice, karate training and piano lessons, the poor nutritional content of these fast food meals may be the least of the damage being caused by this lifestyle. With some families, everyone grabs their own meal where or whenever they…